Friday, October 05, 2012

People comes and goes but the memories is forever ♥ (:

"MayMay sweetie, you have a secret admirer."
Is that a joke? haha!

Feel down and moody,
what can I do for get the thing that I dream in my list?
Why ?
Those word are that hurt, I pretend like nothing or like not listening..
It's just to pretend that I am nothing on what are people talking about.
Life is hard , I just wish to live for myself.. Just wish give myself a better treat perhaps.
Is it hard?

Everything, every time.. thought Im getting close and close to my target.
But at last there is always nothing or the worse part, there sure will be something that stop me.
Well, I know I shouldn't stop by all those problem..
Headache !!

Why my life become like this?
I need to be more hard-working and more independent more punctual and all those thing that I hate which appear in myself.
What is the first step I should go on? study? but I can't get anything, I mean..
it's still far far away from my dream list.
For the very first, I wish to get a better phone. 

Totally down, life sucks !

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