Monday, September 24, 2012

Far ? or Near?

Where is He?
The question that keep on appear in my mind.
Is it far away from me?
- nope, take 1hour to go can reach to his place.
Is it near with me?
- nope,he wasn't anyone that really close to you.

Can anyone tell me far or near? near or far? far or near? idk..
He gave me the feeling of unstable. But is that his fault? I don't think so. I'm nothing for him.
This is the problem that I worry since the first day I had some special feeling with him.
Who is HE? He is who? I know it sounds weird.

He always talking On-Air to everybody. But for me is like special feeling, wtf am I thinking about? What to said? feel like slapping myself. ergh..

Who am I ? and what's in my mind?
I'm nothing =) I am nothing !
I don't know myself.

Things like getting worse, please save me

Someone answer me?
Tell me that you are always there for me.
How funny am I. huh !

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