Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is life

Life is just simple, happy and charming isn't?

Big news big news !! for me,hahahaaa..
Know what? My very first time park in front of TARC main door.
oh my gosh, I aim for long time since I started to drive to college.
This is the first time that I'm really that lucky and get a "pretty parking".

Thanks for those buses, I drove slowly behind of the bus.
Once I saw a girl who are trying to get in to her car, I just give signal and smile to them.
I even said HI and smile and smile just because she gave me the pretty parking lot cause of maybe she wanted to go somewhere else, IDK.
The rapid bus driver watch the whole process how I park my car.lol
When he pass by, he just stare at me.
I felt so so excited and happy.
Seriously, I even tried to took picture of my pretty parking lot. :P

Back to college life.
Well,  as what I blogged  yesterday.
I'm having test today,
A Introduction to Transportation Mid-term test.

Me and Kath , both of us STUDY HARD.
and we try to get those pass year question when we're in library.
Proud that I'm hard-working, no more lazy MAY!

For the test,
I just feel that my brain are going to burst!
- Explain the advantages of hub and spoke system in airline transportation
Arrhh, I have no idea how to  explain, I skip that part that's why.

One more test to go tomorrow !
All the best to me thank you.

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