Monday, November 26, 2012

❥ Fate C:

Lincoln Paul Lambert

A cute guy with a big smile.
This can really change people mood.
The most charming guy that I ever seen before.
Make people feel comfortable and the best thing is I feel happy, yeah!!

He lights on my day, awwww..
Meet someone 7 to 8 times in one day? Yes. It's him !
Charming smile, sunshine smile,fair skin, tall..
I like when he saw me and he smile to me.
His smile was just charming, seriously. Influence people to smile like him too.

This is fate right? Since the very first time ever we meet each other.
In the first semester, and I still remember the very first time you smile to me when we're still stranger.
Yup, in sport complex. heheee..
Everything happen just like a miracle, start from the first day we both smile to each other.

I point to you and you get shock on that time.
We both just smile and wave our hand just like a kid.
Smile like nobody business, because we like it!

I wonder, if you talk to me.. what will happen?
Well, just an imagination.
Anyway, just a random blog.
And I feel thankful and lucky because of you.

Last but not least,
He's CUTE :3

Well, I'm having test in this three day.
Thanks god, I feel that my account test today going on smoothly.
Transportation and Geography test to go!!

Cash book in account isn't that hard right?
I actually fall in love with account slowly.
I'm a student fail from form4 - form5 in account.
see! Now I still studying and I like it =)

Tomorrow Transportation Test.
It's TTT ! 
Looks like I'm crying , lol
I get the tips like talk about the low cost carrier air-plane.
The unique transportation something..
I promise I'm going to have my revision online by BLOGGING in the future.
oppsss, that's the top secret man! xD

Keep following my blog, thank you !
**Heart shape**

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